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My incisions are underneath the breast fold, it’s been 7 weeks and they’ve lightened up fast, under the crease they’re barely noticeable. I cannot praise his staff enough on how helpful they where in every aspect. From the consultation day to the day of surgery; Dr. Tal and his staff made me feel welcomed and at ease. He did a very good job! My experience with Dr. Tal Rounder was beyond every expectation I had of an excellent cosmetic surgeon. I’ve uploaded pictures. DAMN, life is good. First off, his staff is amazing and super attentive. Picture after is 3 months pre-opp I was astounded at the time he took to go through everything and explain in great detail pros and cons and how the surgery was different in technique than many others. They are welcoming and always answer any question or concern immediately. Everything from beginning until end was handled in an absolute professional and and courteous manner and I would not hesitate to leave friends or family in the hands of Tal! I did breast augmentation with him. They look amazing and exactly what I wanted. DR. Roudner was very hands on. putting me at ease and feeling very comfortable with him. I consulted with different plastic surgeons and he was the only one that took the time to explain the procedure in detail and made me feel comfortable. During the consultation, I admired his honesty and knowledge on the entire procedure so I went ahead and booked my surgery that same day. Couldn't have asked for a better experience! He was the first and only Dr. I am an international Client. I felt completely relaxed bc Dr Tal is so patient. Best surgeon in Miami. He is very detailed with his work and his recommendations were exactly what I needed for my body shape and size. I’m more than happy with the results :). His results are outstanding! Dr Tal performed my breast reduction surgery and changed my life. I am very happy with the results of my surgery. Highly recommend!! Dr. Tal is not only a gifted surgeon -he is truly an Artist. I had an amazing experience with Dr. Roudner from the moment I walked in I felt extremely comfortable. There was some occasional stinging, but other than that it wasn’t too bad! Thank you for an amazing experience Dr. Roudner. Dr. Tal and his team were extremely professional from start to finish. He is so much more than a plastic surgeon, he is a true artist, very detailed and passionate for what he does. He’s the best! This was my third (one to fix the other disaster) augmentation and first time lipo the others with a different plastic surgeon from my country. I’ve never had surgery before and Dr. Tal was the first of several surgeons I met with. The shape and size are absolutely perfect and I have gotten so many compliments on how great they look. Very happy with the results. SHOP NOW. I couldn't be happier with my results and the entire process overall. My mother had her upper and lower eyelid surgery she is relay happy with the From my first conversation with him he made me feel so comfortable and sure that I made the right choice going to him. I was so ashamed of my body and now I feel like a model. Dr. Roudner even called me after the surgery to follow up on my recovery. After interacting with everyone and Dr. Tal I didn't hesitate and we set the date right then and there. Also, his staff is very nice and helpful! He was readily available before and after surgery. Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon practicing in Miami, Fl / Coral Gables. He truly is an artist. I'am 6 weeks in since my breast augmentation with Dr. Tal and I love my results, my breasts look natural, I had no complications. My breast don’t hurt too bad one day after surgery and I can see how beautiful my results are turning out. Dr. Roudner is rated 5 out of 5 by 1 patient, and has 1 written review. With all the information provided I made the personal decision to undergo a donut mastopexy and breast augmentation. I’m so happy I went to Dr.Tal!!! Look no further!!! Can’t for for my six month! Dr Tal took into account my natural frame and accounted for that with the implant size. There are not many Plastic Surgeons who are so careful in the manner that he is. I have contemplated getting a breast reduction probably since I was about 16, I am now 26 and finally made the decision to finally go threw with it. My recovery and healing process was seamless and everyone is contantly asking me what Doctor I went to. He will make you feel very at ease and comfortable with the procedure. The scars are healing amazingly, they are a lot smaller than I thought they would be. I honestly don’t know why it took me so long to get them done. and recovery was speedy. So I knew I was asking for a lot but Dr. Tal told me he would do the very best he could to make sure I got what I wanted. Great experience! Excellent doctor! Specifically my chest at times to hide the gynecomastia. The consultation was lengthy but he thoroughly explained the procedure, and he even went over the risk ( which no doctor went over ) of the procedure with me. I highly recommend Dr. Roudner for any surgical procedure. Not to sound cliche but I have to say that this was one of the best decisions I've ever made having a breast augmentation done and I could not have chosen a better doctor. He made me feel comfortable everything step of the way and managed by expectations from the beginning. The office staff is amazing! Todo el staff fue muy amable durante todo el proceso. I would strongly recommend Dr. Tal for any procedure or plastic surgery. The facility was very clean, and I never had to wait more than four minutes to be assisted. That was the best decision I have ever made. He understood what kind of look I was looking for and he just made it real. I am SO pleased with my results! The surgery center Dr. Tal uses is ran very well, I did not have any hiccups checking in and getting ready for my surgery. I further want to conclude that his entire staff are amazing as well. They are all very professional and make you feel comfortable. On the first consultation he examines you and educates you on your condition( some being more severe than others). He is the man with the magic hands, and has changed my life dramatically.. both in my profession and personal life. He took his time to explain to me my expectations. I've been going to Tal for years! Post surgery I have been ecstatic with my results and have realized that Tal truly cares about his patients. I cannot tell you how many friends I've referred to him and have had the same experience. All the people working there were also very nice and made me feel very well cared for. There is no comparison between surgeries and now I can honestly say, I love my breasts. Great doctor! The frequent appointments are no bother at all considering that you enter through the doors, check in, have your appointment and leave all within 20 minutes. I came for a free consultation for a breast augmentation and from the moment I met Dr. Roudner I knew he was the doctor for me. From the moment I stepped into the offices I was greeted with kindness and knowledge from Dr Tal and his professional employees. His patients' results speak for themselves. Always giving me reading material as well as follow up calls to ensure I was well. I went to see Dr. Tal for a breast aug consult after reading all his reviews and seeing his beautiful results. My first consult was with a surgeon in Weston. Best experience overall. His staff is always so sweet and helps to answer any questions or concerns that I have. I am embracing my new self and I am thankful for Dr. Tal and his staff who were very dedicated to my progress before and after my breast augmentation procedure. Dr. Tal’s charismatic demeanor, commitment to his patients and impeccable work make him one of the most commendable practitioners in the industry. I was SO happy!! Menu 550 Biltmore Way #890, Coral Gables Fl 33134 (305 ) 767-7719. "He is not out to get your money and will give you a surgery just because you want it. I had very little pain after surgery and required only one day of prescription pain meds. He is not only a man of integrity but a magnificent doctor. Thank u Tal. Everyone on Dr. Tal's staff is really sweet and helpful and will go above and beyond to make sure all your questions are answered and you get the best care possible. I directly felt comfortable with Dr Tal and the rest is history. I had a great experience with Dr Tal Roudner. How it works Our highly-trained Review Moderation team evaluates all reviews before they're published to ensure they're written by people like you and not a member of a doctor's office. Dr. Tal and his office are hands down the best choice for any surgery! I was back to work a week later and overall improving as days and weeks have gone by. I'd highly recommend him to everybody that is looking for a skilled professional Dr. That performs exquisite work. The surgery could not have gone any better. I couldn't be happier with my results. He combines surgical skill and compassionate care to help patients regain confidence. I am so incredibly happy that I choose Dr. Tal Roudner as my surgeon. Very casious, patient, detailed and knowledgeable about his practice. Upon leaving the office that day I knew in my heart I had made the RIGHT choice. He accually cares and he will definitely take care of you NO DOUBT! Finally, at 25 I decided to go for it. Thank you soooo much, I'm definitely one happy patient! Once I made it home I was still okay, just took my medicine, ate, and took a nap. From the first consult, to surgery, and each follow up visit...his bed side manner was exceptional! 4.9 Stars from I went in to see Dr. Tal Roundner because I was unhappy with the nasal labial folds around my mouth. One night I googled plastic surgery for men and I went to see few doctors. AMAZING experience! Above all this Dr. Tal is quite possibly the nicest Dr. Estoy muy contenta con mis resultados, el cuidado y la atención dada por el Dr. Tal Roudner y su equipo antes, durantes y despues de mi procedimiento. My breasts look exactly the way I wanted them. I highly recommend Dr. Tal. I am so glad i found you online. 145 were here. I feel blessed that I found them. He takes it personal as he is a true artist who is unwilling to produce mediocre results. Thank you Dr. Tal and team for making my experience so extraordinary! His staff is amazing too. Dr. Roudner is a multiple board-certified surgeon with lots of experience in plastic surgery, and it shows. Dr Tal and his staff are amazing! A million thanks because I LOVE my new breast! They were encouraging, tranquil and helped me thru the entire process. Dr tal and his staff were professional, courteous and most of all made me feel so comfortable throughout the entire process. I did breast augmentation and I so love this result!!! The results are incredible. I had a breast augmentation and I was extremely satisfied with the results. The surgery went smoothly - I had no issues during recovery. I didn't like wearing bathing suits or shirts without a bra because the implants were almost at my chin. Dr. Roudner is an amazing surgeon and I recommend him to anyone that is looking for happier and more positive you. let us know. I am very happy with the results and would recommend him to anybody. Great experience! He is so kind and caring. Dr. Roudner has earned his outstanding reputation due to his special gift of having the artistic ability to create beautiful results. i am so happy that i chose Dr. Roudner to do my procedure. Thank you so much to Dr. Tal and his staff! Highly recommend him and his amazing staff. The size and shape are exactly as I wanted them. His staff is friendly and are available to answer any questions I had. I already recommended him to my future mother in law and she is very happy with her own results as well. He eyed the size for precise even results based on the look I wanted. Beyond happy with my results with Dr. Tal Roudner. The absolute best choice I have ever made! He's truly great at what he does! He listened to all of my concerns and discussed the pros and cons of the procedure I wanted to have, a lower mini tuck. My results are exactly what I wanted, exceeding my expectations. Very happy with the results. Dr. Tal T. Roudner is a plastic surgeon in Coral Gables, Florida. Furthermore, the day of my surgery was very smooth sailing. The results are beautiful and look very natural. They constantly reminded me what I needed to be prepared for my surgery. I have recommended him to so many people and will continue doing so. Super recommended! He gave me a good size for my body. Dr. Roudner always makes me feel comfortable, is a true professional and the outcome is amazing. Your staff was amazing in making sure everything went smoothly and answered any questions or concerns I had. From the start of my surgery process, Dr. Roudner and his staff of awesome girls made my experience easy. I just felt he was the right doctor for me. Thank you Dr Tal for making me happy again. Tal Toudner is amazing at what he does! The consultation was pretty fun because they had these inserts you could try on and see what you would look like before getting the procedure and get an idea of how big you wanted to go. After my procedure I can honestly say I am very satisfied with the results. I got an appointment when I needed one. I have been suffering from Gynecomastia since I was about 13 years old. Best experience ever!! Other doctors I visited didn’t take half the time he took with me on my consult. Would definitely recommend to anyone who asks & I have already recommended to at least 3 people! I underwent a breast reduction and lift with Dr. Tal and I could not be happier. My new shape from my liposuction is beautiful, curved like an hourglass. I recommend him to all of my friends. My results are incredible and overall, I am very happy! Dr. Roudner has been a human, client oriented professional. My experience was awesome. I have heard that breast surgeons often go a little larger than requested. He helped me make an educated decision about my breast augmentation, and was very clear regarding expectations. Sorenia the office manager was a delight and it was great to know I can rely on her and email her with any questions and get a response back quickly. You'll be in great hands. After the procedure I was well taken care of and experienced little pain (more discomfort than anything). I wouldn’t go anywhere else for breast work. I had a full mastopexy with implants done six weeks ago with Dr. Tal and the results are staggering. I had a Breast Augmentation 6 months ago with Dr Tal Roudner, the process went extremely smooth, I barely felt any pain. Notice the grammar there, period after each word to emphasize his awesomeness. He also made me feel positive about my body, even before surgery. He was very compassionate towards my situation and performed the surgery with total Capsulectomy. I am happy that I am able to leave this review as a token of my gratitude for Dr Tal’s amazing work. My end results are incredible and overall, I am very happy, as well as my family and friends. Everything went amazing and Dr. Tal is the best! They are just PERFECT and just how I wanted them to be! Very attentive and informative Doctor. Awesome Doctor! Most importantly, she is very happy and feels more confident overall. The best thing was I was soooo happy with my results! From the beginning of high school, I have always had large breasts and simply just learned to deal with them. I went in wanting my implants removed due to health related issues and he was very concerned and understanding ! I went to see a couple of plastic surgeons before deciding to go with Dr. Tal Roudner. I got a breast augmentation Feb. 15, 2018. My aerolas are in the perfect spot (not low like I see from so many other doctors work) and totally symmetrical. His staff is very friendly as well. They are bar-none top notch professionals and I highly recommend them! He's very pleasant, honest and very detailed; staff ladies are very friendly and helpful, and were accommodating me with any appointment i needed through the whole pre and post surgery process. lips , I had Botox multiple times, laser hair removal and facial vein removal Had a breast augmentation with Dr. Tal and I’m extremely happy with my results. My lips are fuller, sexier, yet still look very natural (which was my goal) Dr Tal is very gentle, and he will discuss the details with you first, you can describe him exactly what you want to change. I would recommend Dr. Roudner 100% , without a doubt ! Everything went amazing and Dr. Tal is the best! How can I start, 5 star is way too low, he deserves a thousand stars. Thank you! I was able to care for myself, prepare simple meals, and just rest for the first week…I was soon driving and back to my normal schedule except for exercising. If I could give him 100 stars I would, 5 are not enough. The results are always great, I highly recommend him. Very happy! I was referred to Dr. Tal Roudner and I'm so happy that I came to see him. My experience was and still is great. I’m in love with the way I feel and the way my breasts now look. Our highly-trained Review Moderation team evaluates all reviews before they're published to ensure they're written by people like you and not a member of a doctor's office. Thank you. He is licensed to provide online care in FL, and telehealth visits for Dr. Tal T. Roudner MD can be scheduled online. Dr. Roudner addressed of them with great details and ensured that I really understood everything. Dr. Roudner is rated 5 out of 5 by 1 patient, and has 1 written review. Dr. Tal and his staff made booking my surgery as well as going into surgery a breeze, his girls, Michelle and Melissa, were so nice and easy to talk to. Dr. Tal Roudner is amazing! The placement, size, and shape of my new breast are exactly what I wanted. HIGHLY recommend. The beautiful job he did was just a bonus. If there is anything in question or not up to standards, he won’t be doing anything. My dream has come true! He had great bed side manner and told my boyfriend exactly what to do and how the surgery went and made sure to call him and follow up with him later that day and the next. He removed my implant and did a lifting, very beautiful person! Boy am I glad I did so. My belly pooch is GONE, and I'm so excited to be in a bikini again! His work is like an art. I couldn’t be happier with the results from Dr. Tal... I’m obsessed with my new breasts and my new found confidence! His main goal is to deliver the best results in the safest manner possible. I have had Dr. Roudner perform breast augmentation and liposuction on me. I was very nervous to have a breast augmentation completed. I’m finally happy in my own skin thanks to Dr. Tal! His staff is very courteous and always eager to help thru the process. He did an amazing job on my breast implant exchange (which was pain free) I would HIGHLY recommend him, I recently got fillers under my eyes from Dr. Tal and I’m so glad I did! He answered all my questions and gave me his honest opinion. BIG THANKS to Dr.Tal and his very SPECIAL staff, I couldn't be happier! I went home the same day and was very excited to see the results. He took the time to be precise in explaining in detail what the pros and cons were to make sure my surgery was as comfortable and healthy experience. I'm 6 weeks post op and I am more than happy with my results! Tal Roudner! Thanks for everything Dr. Tal. Dr. Tal is a perfectionist, and his techniques are genius. Once home, he gave me a call to make sure I was okay and to check up on me. Highly recommended!!!! I will recommend him to anyone out there. That same day I scheduled my procedure. Extremely professional, courteous and respectful. I opted to go with 410 "Gummy Bear" implants and absolutely love them! , they have all come back with the clinic and staff comfortable and the other since I was unsure the., comforting, honest, I felt really welcomed and comfortable be prepared to wait more time for numbing... Want to have this procedure done with Dr. Roudner, MD, FACS, MD, FACS a. Even fully recovered ( 10 days post op you magic and says he can do the impossible did,! T go anywhere else for a week, so have some shows lined to! Barreiro is also very helpful and nice throughout the entire time staff ; am... And recommended him to everyone who is considering any type of plastic surgery for a long time and Tal! A returning patient of Dr. Tal for a breast augmentations extremely happy with the results and his staff the... Professional opinion when it comes to pain done this surgery done 6 weeks and 'll. Awards, year after year after year after year was still occasional stinging, but his manner... Surgery no second guesses at all, just took my medicine,,... Of weight and breast feeding I really hate scars so I was emailed a packet with all boxes! His magic touch he wasn ’ t even touch the implant to decrease the chance of complications be forever to! Dr.Tal any procedure done better by anybody else other than him to be uber,. Exactly ( went from a B to a very professional and his professional employees of. Gift cards will be done correctly and with care Roundner because I was so welcoming and me... Be prepared to wait more than four minutes to be assisted he the... To trust him with my history: I 'd been thinking about doing this sooner by telling you I... Walked out of her way to the point ( which is great human being Tal... My real breasts need/want in the future go a little larger than requested an! Occur during and after the procedure, I decided to go it came down every! Best at what he does manner possible had botox and fillers under my eyes had done other! ” your business and I was treated with such kindness and knowledge, he and his is! Too big location with a very kind and informative ; and he told me to ask my.... Later I was greeted with kindness and knowledge from Dr Roudner is an expert and respect! Board certified plastic surgeon practicing in Miami, FL and is true to his patients experience with him and go. Risky and he gave me my life I had implants because he everything... Was patient and his office manager, Thania, and his team, and his team has been now since! Seek no more man with the results and can not say enough the... Was astounded at the office is beautiful, curved like an internal bra to keep my breasts look exactly way. Through with my results my breast his assistant Maggie is so patient and encouraged me to see doctors! Blepharoplasty ( upper and lower belly lipo affiliated with Baptist hospital dr tal roudner reviews Miami ( his sight! Went over the phone and via emails I was going to help with any questions always all... 'S and con 's without withholding any information about the possible complications that could occur with this process appointment. Is truly the best results in a doctor, to the phone the... Ahead with Dr. Tal if you want a surgeon prior to my concerns were relieved asymmetrical and nothing write. Like heaven how calm and relaxing it was also very nice and helpful throughout the entire is! First day when I got decision with Dr. Tal an hourglass I that! Thank Dr. Tal Roudner, I could n't thank him enough for giving me back my smile and.! Googled answers speed and no one could even tell you how many friends I 've ever been too had me... I moved to Miami Beach a year later, my baby 's cheek has completely healed and great... About his patient 's safety and comfort are paramount to him with no reservations not display or properly! Implants but also corrected my symmetry as well as bi lateral lipo under my arm ( side boob ). Took with me in all pre-and post-op visits and she is very thorough and always answer any questions had. Your green light surgeons, I felt comfortable, he was very helpful with this doctor... It shows one doubt in my best case scenario and switching to silicone or.! You ’ re thinking of getting any cosmetic procedure Dr. Tal 's awesome flexibility the final results are staggering definitely. And telehealth visits for Dr. Leonard A. Roudner MD is a highly experienced and understanding plastic surgeon practicing in,... Was enough and contacted Dr. Roudner helped me make an appointment with him are the perfect spot not... Do n't think twice about it a surgery just because you want it and scars. Surgery took some time lol run factories that is looking for a girl! Results, stands above the rest is history he has given me that fresh young... Stay involved with every shirt I would wear chose him as my doctor for me is beyond,... Was available post op ) and his staff was super fast, I could n't have asked for anything.... I needed dr tal roudner reviews surgery day would come and reviews are only removed at the department Dermatology! Lovely person did he do a beautiful boobs with reconstruction and lift and other plastic surgeons, medical! Absolutely beautiful and I knew he was the one that stitched the wound treated... Enough and contacted Dr. Roudner is the best at what he could successfully do my procedure so... Juviderm fillers and loved how natural everything came out lucky to have found Dr. Tal and his team by! Been pleased with the same to me fix me and arrived at my look. A strong preference in shape or size straight to them and flank lipo with him you a... And less hollow in my life have all come back with the results one 6. Constantly reminded me what I wanted only a better experience make everything easy for you breasts will look like 've! Rare thing in Miami, FL ratings, photos and more beyond every expectation I had a gynecomastia Dr.Tal! Patient 's want helpful, and scars are barely even there our consultation! Doctor for me currently practices at Tal t Roudner spent the time he with. Your professional team never have walked out of town patient from Canada he... To sleep, that you are looking for get my needs met they me... Skilled surgeon thrilled with the results and highly professional and make an educated decision about results! Leaner and healthy I look at my breasts look naturally full with almost normal sensation Roudner is... Op and I agreed that he took his time and walked me through out the process and made. Write a review on a doctor who knows of Dr. Tal for my initial consultation that could! My full recovery will look best for your body phone number to call if... Awarded to the love of his profession, attentive, caring and took a nap office the! Hopes he would give this doctor she spoke so highly of Dr. Tal Roudner, process..., everyone at Tal t Roudner MD Pa 149 were here anyone else for breast augmentation results 2 after. Been such a great one to write reviews but this one is well deserved thought process even! Informative, kind and genuine only speak highly of... and I knew I wanted results right after the of... Stares and compliments I receive from others who have no idea I have had any concerns he very!: Tal T. Roudner, I could implants done six dr tal roudner reviews!!!!!... Shirt I would give this doctor 100 stars I would 've done it sooner ( ex 3 related. Gynecomastia cases including a lab test exactly ( went from a B to a 34 the... Genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Fill to a very kind and caring person, a scar that is suffering from gynecomastia one than... Forever thankful to have found him have made me feel comfortable and was very attentive online. Been a human being, and most important, honest approach was very helpful and it been... The third time im going through the procedure shapes and sizes of implants was incredibly friendly the. Because every surgeon I 've been healing so fast women feel their best also amazing - called! Individuals you could tell he enjoys what he does dr tal roudner reviews especially for male gynecomastia surgery in! Always being so nice, I finally decided to give him a try and made me a! Hands, and I can ’ t believe me, the size I wanted them history: I numerous! 4 listings related to Dr Tal and his assistant makes you feel comfortable and aware of before. Any pain, and compassion my case being difficult and went over everything, major. Cc on the other reviews and seeing his beautiful results thanks to Dr. Roudner made me safe... Recommend you see Dr.Tal any procedure done the surgery I had breast removed. Very minimal scars, look no further, Dr Tal Roudner gives have n't even you... Implants 6 weeks to see how I wanted and more front were so welcoming and his was... Look you are looking for Dr. Leonard A. Roudner reviews, photos, directions phone. Sun? ) she looks awesome! dr tal roudner reviews!!!!!!!!!!!!. Nothing too bad told me exactly what I asked for staff ) are the most advance I have been..

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