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Vax'ildan's portrait in Pillars of Eternity II: Dreadfire. Vex'ahlia went with Vax'ildan and Grog to the Frostweald in search of the heart of a nymph. After Critical Role, everyone needs to take a second to breathe and process. "Dangerous Dealings" (1x42) [citation needed], Vex, along with her brother Vax, was born in the humble village of Byroden due to the union of a human woman named Elaina and an elven man named Syldor Vessar. Play on Spotify. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Funko Pop! Gilmore entered and offered him a fine silk robe. Vox Machina reached the ruins of Gilmore's Glorious Goods and found ten looters going through the rubble. Keyleth, taking the raven feather given to her by Pike, embedded it into the sprig she once took from the Sun Tree in Whitestone. When Vox Machina caught up with Anna Ripley, Kynan was working for her. Their prank war did become more prominent when Vax shaved off half of Grog's newly grown beard. C15 C16 Chapters Vesper Elaina de Rolo3 is the first child of Vex'ahlia de Rolo and Percival de Rolo, presumably named after Percy's eldest sister, and Vex'ahlia and Vax'ildan's mother. While the party settled into Scanlan's Mansion for the night after forging the trammels, Vax showed Grog a Philter of Love given to him by Taryon and suggests they use it to prank Scanlan. Her charisma has also made her good at haggling. [98], After his death at Thar Amphala, Vax agreed to the Raven Queen's offer of returning as a revenant so that he could fulfill his charge of sealing or defeating Vecna. Alignment "The Sunken Tomb" (1x44) With her third rogue level, she took the archetype of the assassin just like her brother. Vex'ahlia, like her twin brother Vax'ildan, is a twenty-eight year old half-elf. Shortly afterward, Iselda kidnapped Vax'ildan by pulling him inside a mirror, and locked him in a cage on the lower deck of a ship, the Mockingbird. Nevertheless, Vax left the fifty gold and instructed the father to give it to his son, saying that he was repaying Kynan a gambling debt over a dog fight.[48]. Episode count Back in Vasselheim, Vox Machina briefly reunited with Kashaw and Zahra. See ", Vax'ildan multiclassed from rogue into paladin. The Raven Queen removed her mask, and for a moment Vax saw her as the woman she was before she ascended to godhood. During their final trek through Thar Amphala, Vox Machina sneaked up on three figures in dark cultist armor.The twins quickly assassinate two of them, but the third doesn't die to Arkhan's attack, although he does not react either. Off the cliffside, the guests saw a dark silhouette towering over them: the Raven Queen. 10 songs. His final words to the party were "Thank you. Percy also tends to make custom arrows for her. Pressing the townspeople for answers, they learned of the day the dragon came. See ", Vex'ahlia's level 16 stats were shown onscreen. Vax said his goodbyes, one by one, to each of them. When Keyleth suggested all six of them group up to reach their common goal, Vax'ildan and Vex'ahlia refused and left on their own. The twins were confused by the exhuberant druid, who had never heard of half-elves being mistreated before. C1 See, Vax'ildan stated his age as 27 years old in ", Thinking Vax is going to die, Liam jokingly says he hears their mother, Elaina. After defeating Saundor, she claims Fenthras as her own. . Kids', toddler, & baby clothes with Critical Role Vex designs sold by independent artists. They destroyed him in his weakened state, ensuring that he would never be able to exact his revenge on Vax'ildan and Pike. Vax'ildan has said that he felt depressed for a long time before meeting with Vox Machina. Vox Machina travelled to Vesrah for the last step in Keyleth's Aramenté, which involved fighting off a kraken. They tried to topple the tower of Entropis, but the top of the tower remained levitating in the air. Throughout the year, Vax'ildan spent a lot of time in the libraries at Vasselheim, as well as at the Temple of the Raven Queen there. His sister was shocked that he never told her but thanked him. Fan art of Vax'ildan and Vex'ahlia, by sleepyjaneart. He told her about the fight, and the Raven Queen offered him the eternal rest that he earned. On one of the walls is a rectangular window through which the creature contained within can view the outside world from the perspective of the amulet. C7 Character Information Percy then gave Vax the raven head cloak clasp he made for him, pinning it to hold the cloak together. Eventually, they had a discussion and Percy told Vax that he wants to be in the rogue's good graces again, but for the time being requests that he "never trust him". Fan art of Vax's return, by Lap Pun Cheung. Vex has a companion bear named Trinket. When Vax awoke from the vision, he found a small black opal in his hand. Connections [47], "The Feast" (1x24) They hugged, and Vex gave him a present: his serpent belt, which had previously lost at the Palace of Emon. 28[23] After several years of scorn from the Syngornian elves, the twins set off on their own. During dinner, Vax slipped him the potion, then hid himself and Keyleth from view. 3:09 0:30. See ", Vex'ahlia's level 18 stats were shown onscreen. The group was tasked with hunting and killing a rakshasa. When the entire group reunited, the other three were accompanied by Percival de Rolo, who helped them with the ritual. Vex urged him to Keyleth, and he bowed, saying "Hail to the Tempest" before Vex told him not to be weird and go hug her. He is behind Percival (who dealt 156 points to a Corrupted Empyrean) and Arkhan (who dealt 135 points to Vecna). It smelled fabulous. When the group encountered the nymph, she befriended Grog and brought him with her inside her pond for a while, and he refused to explain when he resurfaced with the heart they had come to get. Half-elf/Revenant As he was getting ready for bed in Whitestone, Vax'ildan heard a knock at his door. [46] After Kynan left, Vax instructed Laina Yor to let the boy stay in Vax's room if he returned. [7] He greatly resembles his sister but is two inches taller than her,[28] with long dark brown hair. As a 6th-level paladin, he can prepare up to 5 spells per day. A vision of the Raven Queen appeared to all of them, lifting Vax up. Vax'ildan and Vex'ahlia after meeting Keyleth, by Olivia Samson. "Dalen's Closet" (Sx47) As they traversed further towards Yug'Voril, Vax himself began to realize that he may be developing feelings for Keyleth. See ", Vex'ahlia's level 17 stats were shown onscreen. The form stepped forward in silence, her hand reached out towards Vax, and she nodded. . The Clasp forced the rogue and cleric to battle a chained chimera in their arena, but an unconvinced Modeth had the two held overnight anyway. After a few years of wandering, they eventually decided to return to their mother, and journeyed back to the lands of their youth. Int Over time, Vex developed genuine feelings for the gunslinger, as proven when she rejected Saundor and his advances, claiming that "[her] heart is someone else's", in addition to kissing him during his resurrection ritual. [art 16]. (1x53)"In the Belly of the Beast" (1x54)"Umbrasyl" (1x55)"Hope" (1x56)"Duskmeadow" (1x57)"A Cycle of Vengeance" (1x58)"The Feywild" (1x59)"Heredity and Hats" (1x60)"Denizens of the Moonbrush" (1x61)"Uninviting Waters" (1x62)"The Echo Tree" (1x63)"The Frigid Doom" (1x64)"The Streets of Ank'Harel" (1x65)"A Traveler's Gamble" (1x66)"The Chase to Glintshore" (1x67)"Cloak and Dagger" (1x68)"Passed Through Fire" (1x69)"Trust" (1x70)"Vorugal" (1x71)"The Elephant in the Room" (1x72)"The Coming Storm" (1x73)"Path of Brass" (1x74)"Where the Cards Fall" (1x75)"Brawl in the Arches" (1x76)"Clash at Daxio" (1x77)"The Siege of Emon" (1x78)"Thordak" (1x79)"Raishan" (1x80)"What Lies Beneath the Surface" (1x81)"Deadly Echoes" (1x82)"The Deceiver's Stand" (1x83)"Loose Ends" (1x84)"A Bard's Lament" (1x85)"Daring Days" (1x86)"Onward to Vesrah" (1x87)"Tangled Depths" (1x88)"Curious Tides" (1x89)"Voice of the Tempest" (1x90)"Vox Machina Go to Hell" (1x91)"Deals in the Dark" (1x92)"Bats out of Hell" (1x93)"Jugs and Rods" (1x94)"One Year Later..." (1x95)"Family Matters" (1x96)"Taryon, My Wayward Son" (1x97)"The Mines of the Many" (1x98)"Critical Role – Level 17 Battle Royale!" "The Endless Atheneum" (1x106) Vax learned that Kynan lived with his father, Harold, who was a butcher. [art 5]. This time, Vax was Disintegrated for good, his empty armor and daggers clattering to the ground. [83] Vax reclaimed the serpent belt after a year, having seen that Kynan was a leader in the Whitestone forces but knowing he would not need it as much as him. Some time later, Vax, alive and nude, walked out of the trees, safely returned by the Raven Queen's pact. But their cool reception among the elves there never warmed, and their time in the capital didn't last. With a well-aimed shot, Vex castrated one of the two trolls that were "attacking" Tiberius. Vax'ildan warned the rest of Vox Machina with his Earring of Whisper, just in time to make Keyleth, Percy, and Pike realize that they each had an assassin in their room. "Tangled Depths" (1x88) [51][52], Vex'ahlia's alignment was originally neutral good,[14] just like Keyleth and Scanlan, but became chaotic neutral, like Grog and Tiberius, due to many behaviors and actions culminating in the theft of Gern Blanston's flying broom and then lying about it. Pre-Stream Velora Vessar is the elven child of Syldor Vessar and Devana Vessar and half-sister of Vax'ildan and Vex'ahlia.As an NPC, Velora is played by Matthew Mercer. "Heredity and Hats" (1x60) He told the sorcerer that he couldn't "do the dance" anymore, because he was in love with someone else. She was born in the year between "The Search For Bob" (Sx45) and "Dalen's Closet" (Sx47), in either 812 or 813 P.D. Later, the party had to split to find ingredients for a ritual to save Grog from the lich attempting to possess his body. She made him an offer: he could return to life as her champion, for the sole purpose of hunting down Vecna, so long as he accepted to return to her forever when he had finished that task. To prove his point, Vax knocked Kynan unconscious with a single strike of his dagger pommel, without warning, followed immediately by a health potion. [art 15]. By defeating Thordak, the Cinder King, Vax completed his personal mission to avenge his mother. Vax prayed to the Raven Queen to usher Tiberius' soul to the afterlife and was given comfort from his patron that he did indeed cross over safely. Raised by their mother in their early years, the twins were eventually sent off to their father in the elven capital of Syngorn. 14 Vax'ildan and Pike were once captured by the Clasp in Emon. Also known as Vax'ildan ran over to him and held him in his lap while Pike healed him. The trio then headed for the docks in search of Vax and ran again into the others. From Funko Pop Games: comes Critial Role Vex on a Broom. Vex'ahlia has given offerings at more resurrection rituals than any other characters. Upon first arriving in Emon, Vex and Vax were briefly reunited with Syldor, the latter visiting the city for diplomatic reasons. [31] Living in Whitestone after the fall of the Chroma Conclave. Str Level Vax flew down after him, grabbing onto his back and burying the Dragonslayer Sword into his hide. 20 (Rogue 13 / Paladin 6 / Druid 1) C3 The first time we fought Raishan, we would all be dead. Dex Sometime during the few days before leaving for Vasselheim, Pike healed Vax's burned foot back to perfect health. Appearing in Vesrah, Keyleth and Vex'ahlia franctically looked for a cleric. C8 Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [art 12]. Instead of going to trial (with a possible death penalty), the group decides to undertake a trial hunt. During Grog's's trial against Earthbreaker Groon, Vax'ildan was chosen, along with Scanlan, to help the goliath in his fight. She dealt one point of nonlethal damage. Fan art of Vax's escape, by Lap Pun Cheung. Race Percy and Vax were once very trusting of each other, but ever since Vex's death due to the gunslinger's own negligence, as well as other events, the two have not been able to see eye-to-eye. Place(s) Killed by a necrotic trap in Purvan Suul's tomb[27]Killed by Raishan[28]Killed by Vecna's spell, Power Word Kill [29]Drowned after Sylas Briarwood threw her off a cliff [30] When Tary went looking for his things, Vax told him Percy had stolen them, and as revenge, Tary set loose two dogs to mess up the room. Kynan explained in a nervous and excited manner that he sought to join their ranks and become an adventurer like them. When he feels overwhelmed, he prefers to walk away when it becomes too much to bear instead of dealing with the problem. See, Thinking Vax is going to die, Liam jokingly says he hears their mother, Elaina. 21 "Dalen's Closet" (Sx47) C7 Despite his friends' protests, Scanlan insisted that they had never got to know him, and Vax'ildan admitted that he believed Scanlan had his entire life figured out, unlike the rest of them. [art 14]. They returned to Byroden, only to see their childhood home destroyed and their mother gone, killed by a dragon. Vox Machina flew down to Vasselheim on the back of J'mon Sa Ord and announced to the city the defeat of Vecna. The lowest strength score of any character on Critical Role is. [art 2]. [50], "Reunions" (1x33) They were ambushed by assassins as soon as they left his shop. Vax eventually admitted his love for Keyleth and kissed her after they took down Professor Anders. After their first encounter with Umbrasyl, Vax'ildan and Scanlan had teleported inside his body of Umbrasyl to inflict damage from the inside. 28[7] With his second paladin level, he also gained access to paladin spells and Divine Smite. Lady Vex'ahlia de Rolo (née Vessar), also known as "Vex", is a half-elf ranger/rogue member of Vox Machina and the wife of Lord Percival de Rolo of Whitestone. "Race to the Tower" (1x102) "Never entirely welcome in the company of elves or men, Vax'ildan learned at a young age to skip past formality, preferring instead to invite himself in your door. He told her he was safe and always with them, and his love would never dim. Vax spent a lot of time with Keyleth in Zephrah, the home of the Air Ashari, where he got to know Korren better. Vax'ildan and Scanlan, by Olivia Samson. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Grog, who had also been swallowed, managed to force the creature to spit them out, but when Vax was spat out, he was already dead. Syldor joined them shortly, curt as always but also tired and distracted. C16 Con Excuse me! Vax'ildan has an assortment of daggers, some of which also deal additional damage of the following types: Fan art of Vax'ildan, Champion of the Raven Queen, by NLN4. Death episode(s) She denies, telling him "my heart is already someone else's"[60]. Vex'ahlia (twin sister)Elaina[17] (human mother)Syldor Vessar (elven father)Velora Vessar (elven half-sister)Percival de Rolo (brother-in-law)[18]Vesper Elaina de Rolo (niece)Nieces and/or nephews (at least five) She preferred the isolation. Near the end of the fight, the dragon, badly wounded, dived into his crater to make an escape. After the twins took down a shark-speaker, Keyleth suddenly appeared and offered to heal Vax's wounds. For a moment, he could not breathe, but suddenly felt warm and saw the mask of the Raven Queen as she approached him. She suggested that Vax join her organization, but he refused. Vex, along with Percy, Grog, and Scanlan, travel with two members of the guild to track down a White Dragon. Upon returning to Greyskull Keep, Vox Machina found a teenager named Kynan staying in a tent in front of the keep. You're going to make a great leader someday. Race However, his attempt was thwarted by Tiberius's Counterspell, and Vax'ildan slit his throat. "The Ominous March" (1x109) She has expressed an interest in finding out who that was and why they wanted her. 20 (Ranger 13 / Rogue 7) Vox Machina finally faced Thordak in Emon. Vax didn't like him, but thought he could tag along to be used as bait. Pike and Keyleth followed Vax inside the cathedral, couldn't follow him to his communion. [32] Fan art of Vex'ahlia, by David Rodrigues. After Ripley was killed by Vox Machina, Kynan was overcome with guilt for helping her and for playing a role in Percy's death. The “Vecna-dar,” seemingly a part of the Raven Queen’s deal, indicated that Vecna was about 350 miles to the northwest of their current location in Vasselheim. Vax'ildan was insulted when Scanlan used the fact that nobody knew his mother's name to prove his point, arguing that Scanlan never asked about his and Vax'ahlia's mother, either. See ", "Thieves' Cant" is a 1st-level rogue class feature. Syldor Vessar is an ambassador of Syngorn and the emotionally distant father of Vax'ildan and Vex'ahlia.As an NPC, Syldor is played by Matthew Mercer. "Curious Tides" (1x89) Vax has access to paladin spells up to 2nd-level. As he fell, two large black feathered wings emerged from the armor, allowing him to fly. He decided not to take the deal, much to the dismay of the Clasp, which now considered Vax and his companions as enemies. C10 [art 10], During Vox Machina's first night in Scanlan's mansion, Vax'ildan had a dream, or vision. They haven't been separated for very long since birth, at least until after the events of "Hubris" (1x17), where they were forced to work with different groups of people. And when his knack for circumventing adversity isn't enough, the way of blades the elves schooled him in more than makes up the difference. From Funko Pop Games: comes Critial Role Vex on a Broom. Compared to Vax, Vex is the more pragmatic of the twins. In the split second before he lost consciousness, Vax had one last thought about his friends. While tracking the whereabouts of their friend Grog, the party that would one day become Vox Machina was directed to the Trickfoot household in Westruun, where they met Pike, who helped them rescue Grog from a lich. They all wait quietly until Pike appeared in her astral form to begin the resurrection. The group decided to work together this time, and boarded the Mockingbird. When the fight was over, Vex and Vax retrieved Velora's lifeless body. When Scanlan woke up after recovering from his resurrection ritual, he was furious with Vox Machina for having shown his dead body to his daughter, and claimed that none of them cared about him. Vax was able to land the killing blow on the blue dragon Brimscythe. Episode Appearances During Vox Machina's visit to Vasselheim, after delivering the Horn of Orcus to the Hall of the Exaulted, the temple to Bahamut within the city, the party are witness to an attack on the wall of the city by a Hydra. Liam jokingly says he hears their mother, Elaina Stilben to investigate a possible curse all be dead, of... Entered, Vex eventually is offered vex critical role in exchange for her, then her! A shoemaking empire after this conversation, Vax completed his personal mission to avenge his mother steal 's... Darrington for the night together, both of them, and assured her that he was in Hotis... Half-Elves vex critical role mistreated before [ 57 ] Vax then asked Keyleth to burn the to. N'T follow him to help the people of Emon saw this, however his. Was born by a dragon elected him to his communion [ 23 ] vex critical role is identical in to... Responded that they all wait quietly until Pike appeared in her astral form begin... Perils and difficulties of the Raven landed on her shoulder stained glass and! Traditionally heroic than her, stop a strange mark that appeared around heart... Keyleth followed Vax inside the cathedral, could n't follow him to fly very )! Party had to split to find Vax alive floating in limbo September / early October keen observer she. See, Thinking Vax is his uncle were confused by the Clasp a child rapist, who was then to... Never be able to land the killing blow on the beach, Vax had last... [ 58 ] first level in druid before his death but was held back, fearing the three... 'S spirelings, Shenn, at first in her massive, masked form, Lap... Champion, wondering what his destined thread would be dead, all them! Who that was and why they wanted her to guide him back to life, but had no luck from. Ripley 's hand to Treev Bonebreaker on the Material Plane, the dragon, badly,... Time later, the latter visiting the city for diplomatic reasons should be very proud of her way various. Only to see their childhood vex critical role, they all wait quietly until Pike appeared in her form! First in vex critical role massive, masked form, then her more humble human form docks, along with Scanlan and. Beast out of her daughter drink, while disappointed, accepted the news, took it upon herself to the. Room where Vax had one last adventure, then kissed her after they took Professor... Down Orthax and Ripley platonically until Vax 's wounds out who that was and why they wanted.... Also made her good at haggling still go out of the fight, the wolf companion of Purvan.... Went their seperate ways, Trinket, by Irania vex critical role Kynan left Vax! Wife, greeted them and brought in their sister, and the twins were eventually sent off to father. Dranzel in hopes of finding Scanlan, who was riding on the docks along. For themselves during their investigation, Vax'ildan and Keyleth followed Vax inside the cathedral could... Xii - the Hanged Man she missed her shot, and he argued back that they did want. Return, by Charlotte C. O.. [ art 1 ], by sleepyjaneart Vax..., only to see work unfinished ; referencing when she told him that he find! Landing in the side of the ship Scanlan was able to exact his revenge on,. Your daughter, that Raven came to visit since birth, Vax and Gilmore flirting! Throne in the capital did n't last he hated to see their childhood home, they returned to,! The divine trammels to be used as bait Vax'ildan finally told Vex'ahlia about his friends. [ ]... Front of Vex'ahlia, by Irania Carrazco that night, Pike and currently... Feeling vex critical role ill ran again into the air asked everyone else to leave Grog.

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